Health Practitioners



  • Michelle Frieswyk-Johnson, LPC, MA, PC, Founder

    Michelle Frieswyk-Johnson, LPC, MA, PC, Founder

    Over the past 25 years, Michelle’s steadfast exploration of the complex relationship between our minds, bodies and spirits, has led her to the understanding that the pursuit of our individual health is best sustained within the health of community. It is her passion to bring inspiration and transformation to both individuals and into community. Michelle is dedicated to both gathering and sharing holistic resources with the clear intent to grow the health of our community.  As a licensed psychotherapist, Michelle continues to guide teens, parents and individuals toward their greatest health.  Additionally, Michelle continues to coach holistic professionals in creating abundant practices.

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  • Amy Robertson, LCSW

    Amy Robertson, LCSW

    Amy is a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience helping older teens and adults of all ages who are navigating life transitions. Amy’s practice expertise includes intimacy and relationship concerns; trauma recovery; depression and grief; anxiety and stress; addiction to alcohol, drugs and food; career and workplace issues; parenting skills; and spiritual development. Amy received her masters in clinical social work from Smith College in 1993. She offers free consultations.